Mini Wireless Transmitter Receiver Tx/Rx

 HDCP 1.4/2.2 and DVI compliant
 Full HD 1080p up to 100ft/30m
 Point to point transmission
 Plug and play, no software required
Supports 3D video
• 1x1 Mini HDMI wireless transmitter and receiver kit

• Order Code: BTW-Mini2

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The BesTrans wireless BTW-Mini wireless 1080p HD transmission kit can transmit any High-definition content from your set-top-box, Bue-ray player, or HDMI ready computer placed anywhere in your room, to the HDTV or your projection. It is the best way to stream your 1080p content wirelessly up to 30m/100ft distance.

Transmit all your HDMI-compatible, digital video signals wirelessly from one display or playback device ( e.g. PC, DVD or Blue-ray player) to a receiver terminal- monitor, TV, video wall or projector. BesTrans HDMI transmission kit offers maximum flexibility and comfort.

The HDMI Transmitter stick is as big as a USB drive, and easy to connect with your notebook or PC via an HDMI port. The power is supplied via 2 wall plug transformers or via USB.

The HDMI receiver Box displays the transferred signals on your TV, monitor, video wall or projection with an HDMI input port.

• Wireless A/V transmission
• HDMI , HDCP 1.4/2.2 and DVI compliant
• Full HD 1080p up to 100ft/30m wirelessly in open space
• Supports point-to-point (1x transmitter and 1x receiver)
• Plug and play, no software installation required
• Supports 3D video transmission
• Home theatre, video camera, VR, office and meeting room

  • Standard

    Wireless HD1.1

  • Bandwidth


  • Middle frequencies

    60GHz (59-66GHz)

  • RF power


  • Security agreement

    HDCP 2.2

  • Delay time


  • Distance

    30 meters/100ft, open area no wall and no block.

  • Resolution

    Up to 1080p/60Hz

  • Output port

    HDMI A

  • Average power

    Tx: 1.5W; Rx: 2.5W

  • Power in

    Micro USB B, 5V 1A

  • Temperature

    0-60 C

  • Tx dimension


  • Rx dimension